• Preface

    07.09.2019 by

    The Christianity puts a Man in a very difficult position. A Christian lives in this world and, at the same time, he must be not of the world, but of the Kingdom of heaven. The God is the King of the Kingdom of heaven. The Prince of this world is Satan.Accordingly, the basis of the… Read more

  • Woman According to the Bible

    01.05.2022 by

    Most men believe that a woman is a man without a penis; that she behaves like a man, only with the peculiarities of the so-called “female logic”. This mistake does not allow us adequately to understand the problem of women and their relationships with men. The escalation of feminism in the West not only does not… Read more

  • The Biblical Definition of Man

    20.08.2021 by

    The most important topic of the biblical anthropology is description of the divine dignity of man. Being violated by the fall of man, the divine dignity of man will not only be healed of sin, but also significantly increased by means of the Incarnation of God.In Antiquity, the concept of man as a microcosm was… Read more

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